Smart Land Use?

Or simply catering to a sense of guilt? Eventually, we’ll know:

For many real estate agents trying to sell a house, bigger is better. People want a bigger yard, bigger kitchen and a bigger bedroom. But now one developer in Southeast Portland hopes that “smaller is better” will pay off.

A new development of 29 “micro-homes” is popping up at SE 43rd Avenue and Division Street. A micro-home is a new home, but miniaturized. In some cases, the entire place is right around 360 square feet.

Go and read (and watch the included video).

$120k for 360 square feet is rather pricey (OK, that is an understatement). If Portland were not so concerned about sprawl, the city wouldn’t be addressing an apparent housing shortage in this manner.

Professorial Scabs and Mountebanks

Well, perhaps not the latter:

The Mt. Hood Community College faculty association offered a sharp response Tuesday to MHCC’s plan to hire permanent replacements should union members decide to strike.

Here it comes:

“Quality education is not built overnight; it’s not found by hiring scab labor from online job postings such as Craigslist or rushing to fill an empty classroom with an instructor who is ill-prepared for the job. The College’s threat to replace full-time faculty with scab labor is a rejection of a shared commitment to quality public higher education in East Multnomah County. It is a demonstration that the College Board and its union busting attorney are engaging in a destructive pattern of behavior that will serve only to drive students, faculty and staff from our institution.”

Those are some high-class scabs. I’m guessing that some of them might have advanced degrees and be no less ill-prepared than the current instructors who find striking more advantageous than instructing. Don’t the folks writing this know that self-respecting schools get their scabs from Scabslist and not Craigslist?