Just heard from Bob (who is  in the middle of a major change of his site) that Dakota Voice is currently down and may be only intermittently available today. Matters should be taken care of soon.

For the New Year, I think a blessing is appropriate. I’ll try my best to cover the essentials, but I crave your pardon if I forget anything important.

May you find this new year full of challenges and worthwhile endeavors. May your parents receive proof that you are indeed mature enough to do whatever it is that you’ve been wishing for since forever. May your spouse be unable to find anything new about you to dislike, while running out of paper to write down all the things he/she does like about you. May your offspring realize that you are probably way smarter than they are. May your employer not find you indispensable but essential to the everyday functioning of the business. May your coworkers rely on you to be honest with them and with yourself. May your friends be willing to call you when things don’t go well, knowing that you will do what you are able to help. May your neighbors be glad you live in their neighborhood, and not somewhere else.

May your pets admit that you are firm but fair. May your automobile always start, no matter the outside temperature. May your gun go boom when you squeeze the trigger. May your house stay warm when it ought to, and cool when it should. May your computer never give you the blue screen of death. May your data be backed up weekly (if not daily). May your keyboard never fail to provide you with the letters necessary to build the right words, sentences, paragraphs and documents.

Finally, may you make all new mistakes this year.

Merry New Year!