Socially Insecure? Yes, We Are.

Does one pay the piper anymore? It seems as though someone’s been forgetting to: Social Security paid out nearly $71 billion more to retirees and other beneficiaries than it collected in tax revenue in 2013. This is the fourth straight year the retirement and disability programs are running cash-flow deficits, as highlighted in today’s trustee report. Deficits are only growing worse. The trustees project $80 billion in deficits in 2014, which will more than double before the end of the decade. At $110 billion in average annual deficits throughout the next decade, the combined programs are facing more than a….

Superheroes Please Apply

Bill Whittle speaks to just how wrong the idea that “it takes a village” really is. Anybody got a shovel?

No One is Stopping Him

I’m a gun owner and I want gun control Currently sitting at 23,491 comments.