Losing Arguments

Have you ever lost an argument? Perhaps even one where you came to understand that the preponderance of the evidence was against you and you belatedly realized that the only thing you had propping you up was sheer stubbornness? I’ve certainly been there. And I’m certainly not alone. To be human is to be on the losing side at one time or another. Fortunately, we live in a world where we can make those who cause us discomfort to go away. OK, so maybe we don’t yet live in that world–but it’s not for want of wishing it to be….

Austerity and Budgeting

President Obama’s administration has saved us, again: The Obama administration put out the word this weekend that the president’s new budget will end several years of “austerity” in Washington. Come again? Austerity? Since 2009, federal borrowing has skyrocketed by $6 trillion. This year’s budget deficit is expected to fall to somewhere near $500 billion, which sadly is progress, because the first-term Obama deficits all exceeded $1 trillion. It is true that federal spending has trended downward since 2011, but this is only because in 2009 and 2010, the $830 billion of federal stimulus spending drove federal outlays from about $3.5….

Ban The (Sorry, Can’t Say It)

It’s pretty common to show that something is banned by publishing an image of the thing with an X or stroke across the image. Right? Apparently, that is too much for some folks: “I think the general public will be alarmed by [a sign showing a marked out gun] and wonder if people have been allowed to bring guns to school in the past,” Nolan said. “I have no knowledge of guns ever being in this building,” she said of her 22 years with the school district. Nolan said she was not opposed to the law or posting the sign,….

It Hurtses

Am I the only one who cringes every time I hear a politician or news personality say a sentence with the words “comprehensive national” in it? I doubt it. But then, I suppose we’d need a comprehensive national survey to find out for certain. Arrghh! Of only slightly less concern is hearing the word “comprehensive” in front of just about anything. I’d make a list, but it might be dangerous to my my mental health were I to do so.