More than a Day Late

I was prompted to write this after reading P&R’s post. I should have done so long ago.

As you have noticed, this space went dark back in May, largely without warning. For that, I apologize. Unfortunately for Constant Conservative, my time was redirected into some major tasks: selling a house, buying another, and moving across the country to Tennessee to be nearer family.

This all happened at the same time I had come to the understanding that while I enjoyed what I did, the amount of time which I spent reading, researching, and writing was hardly borne out by the value provided to others. And, since my day job involves much writing and communication in general, I was often burnt out by the end of the day, having been analyzing and explaining things for most of my waking hours.

Since the move and a change to my work schedule necessitated by the move, I have been convinced that it is currently more important for me to spend my energy on other things, things which have greater immediate benefit to my family than publicly analyzing this or that person, place or thing.

I still find much that interests me in the public sphere, not the least of which is the remarkable response of so many (of whatever political leaning) to President Trump’s election. However, there are many online sources who are far more equipped than I to engage in public discussion and to continue in the search for truth. Of those, I find that the Patriot Post is very much in line with my view of things, though I find I agree with no one completely–including my slighter younger and skinnier self. 🙂

I’m not giving up writing entirely, and I may find myself contributing to discussions from time to time, albeit as a commenter rather than the writer/blogger, but I believe the time has come for me to also say “Farewell and God Bless.”