Who’s the Lunatic?

Some of you may remember Rick Santelli (the most obvious catalyst for the Tea Party movement).

CNBC host Rick Santelli became visibly frustrated after cohost Kelly Evans after she read a comment from an “overseas analyst” who said that the economy is recovering but “lunatic Republicans” negotiating over the debt ceiling limit could scuttle that recovery. He became agitated over the notion that the party focusing on the debt is called “lunatics” for acknowledging that a crisis is on the horizon.

Frustrated and agitated? Sounds about right:

“What about the lunatics that spent $16.4 trillion and want another check? Aren’t they the crazies, Kelly,” Santelli asked pointedly. “Why are the lunatics the people that say ‘overspending and creating too much debt’ are lunatics?’”

Doesn’t he have a point? Are we (fiscal conservatives in fact, not fiction) a whole bunch of chicken littles? The following highly informative video lays out in very stark, accounting terms what our problem is. In short, we may not be able to step back from the edge of the abyss.

We are not crazy, but we certainly are agitated and frustrated and about to feel a whole lot of pain.