US to Imprison Person Who Stole over $650K with Dead Man’s Identity

The NY Post has the story. Panamanian takes identity of dead American, comes to US and proceeds to bilk government out of more than $50k per year in public (aka taxpayer funded) benefits for 13 years.

Now, he’s looking at possibly 15 years incarceration. Think about that for a minute. If his incarceration occurs in New York, it will cost taxpayers a minimum of $60k per year. That’s a $10k per year increase in his overall cost to society.

Why is he not immediately deported back to Panama with some means of garnishing his wages for the next 30 years to repay what he stole? Maybe that’s not possible. But surely there is something which can be done which does not perpetuate this person’s illegal taking from the taxpayers of this country? Whatever happened to the principle of restitution as applied to crimes against property?