Missing the Racist Point

A rich white person posits that the reason the United States government is not cracking down on guns is simple–rich white people are not adversely impacted. Or, has he puts it:

Could it be that the laxity of the nation’s gun laws is tolerated because its deadly costs are borne by the segregated black and Latino populations of North Philadelphia and Chicago’s South Side?

Once again, this argument supposes that the human has little choice but to react in certain ways to stimuli. That is, nurture and the continuing environment are what cause the human to do bad things (or good things). Get rid of guns, and people in the aforementioned populations will stop maiming and killing each other and will instead hold neighborly bonfires on the street corners and share their s’mores with the even less advantaged.

Oh, wait. Sorry, those weren’t bonfires of friendship. A good thing all of those youths were restricted from having guns, n’est pas? As Mr. Sarkozy said a number of years ago: “Security is the responsibility of the state. I am against the private ownership of firearms. If you are assaulted by an armed burglar, he will use his weapon more effectively than you anyway, so you are risking your life.” Vraiment? And how does he know this?

Back to Mr. Cole’s bit on racism in gun laws. There is quite a bit of race-based thinking currently codified in gun laws. Many minorities in the dangerous cities he mentions are proscribed from having legal means of defending themselves against those who would do violence to their persons and property.

It’s time we put an end to this damaging legacy from the days of segregation and second-class-citizenship.

2 thoughts on “Missing the Racist Point

  1. Yes, but, well, you know, since conservatives like the 2nd amendment, it MUST be racist because that’s the only reason conservatives support anything.

    At least, that’s the mindset of ideological bigots like David Cole. Gun rights? racism. Low taxes? racism. Smaller government? racism. Personal responsibility? racism. Prefer strawberry shakes over chocolate? If you’re a conservative it must be because you’re racist.

    Unless it’s sexism. Or homophobia.


    1. I’m not sure how you knew I preferred strawberry shakes, but you are right.

      It’s more than tiresome, it’s misleading an entire generation of young people into thinking that the way things are is how they will continue to be–unless we can somehow get rid of all the racists.

      Nothing could be further from the truth.

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