Going Against the Common Welfare

John Hinderaker of PowerLine has a very good question: Why are we bribing welfare recipients to come to the US? As he notes, for more than a century our immigration laws have stated that we are to refuse entry to those who have no likely means of support. That is, those who are coming here merely to take and who have nothing to give to offset the taking.

But our current administration is ignoring these laws, indeed, one could say it is flouting them with impunity. In fact:

the Obama administration is actively recruiting indigent foreigners to come to the United States to receive welfare benefits. Its Welcome to USA.gov page is largely about the welfare benefits that new immigrants can receive. The administration has even partnered with the government of Mexico to advertise the availability of food stamps to Mexican immigrants (including, although this is not officially stated, illegals). In part because of the Obama administration’s recruitment, the number of non-citizens receiving food stamps has quadrupled since 2001, to an estimated 1,634,000 as of June 2012.

Why are we doing this? The list of possible answers is long and none of them are good. And, in brief, neither the reasons for the behavior or the results of such are likely to improve the general welfare of citizens in these United States.

Once again, the President is replacing the rule of law with the rule of the laws he likes.