Getting it Not Quite Right on Colorado

Two legislators were recalled in Colorado last week because of their support for unhelpful and unnecessary gun regulations. Here’s a brief excerpt from a lament arising from that event:

Gun-rights advocates instigated the recall drives; the National Rifle Association spent $360,000, sending mailers and airing television ads calling the lawmakers “too extreme for Colorado.” Gun-control proponents, buoyed by donations from New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, outspent their opponents five to one. But the NRA turned the money against the lawmakers, painting them as pawns of fancy-pants out-of-state liberal interests. And the NRA won.

The article fails to mention that Bloomberg spent $350,000 on the recall as well, almost perfectly zeroing out the advantage of the NRA’s contribution. It also does not mention that the NRA was a contributor to the win but that it was hardly that “the NRA won.” Rather, it was freedom-loving citizens who were motivated to change what they perceived as a great wrong done to them by leadership they had previously trusted to represent their interests.

May this be the first in a series of such skirmishes which are won by those whose interests are anchored in the rule of law, personal responsibility, and free enterprise.