Amazons Now Allowed to Fight Non-Amazons

Leon Panetta has found his swan song: women are to be given equal rights with men when it comes to violently dying for their country.  As JD Johannes notes in this article, women have a markedly different physical capability when it comes to extended, insanely physical, military operations. His point, among others, is that we should not only require women to meet the same physical requirements as the men, but (in light of the changing nature of modern warfare) increase the levels of physical and mental acuity for wanna-be military personnel.

Sounds reasonable to me. True equality requires that everything possible be equal, no?

2 thoughts on “Amazons Now Allowed to Fight Non-Amazons

  1. Same standards. Same expectations.

    Register for the draft, too.

    No outs for being pregnant or a new mother, either. Otherwise we’ll see what happened when I was on ship – a month before deployment, a bunch of the women got pregnant in order to get out of having to go. Several of those women aborted their babies once they were safely off the ship. (That, by the way, was also when I got a spike in people coming forward to tell me they were gay – at that time, it got them out of the Navy and still with an honorable discharge, too. The main benefit to opening the military to those openly homosexual is that it ended that nonsense.)

    If they want equality, give it to ’em.

    1. Sometimes doing this (giving us what we ask for) is the only way we learn. I am reminded of a group of people that complained about not having meat to eat so vociferously that their leadership finally gave it to them.

      The law of unintended consequences has not, will not, cannot be repealed.

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