When the IRS Cares

P&R points out that Oklahoma has a case against Obamacare which basically says “The bill said we wouldn’t be penalized if we didn’t have the state exchange.” But the IRS wants the money anyway. Arrgh.

The modern IRS exist to determine how to separate people from their earnings. While it is right and proper to tax for purposes of maintaining the necessary defense (external enemies) and establishing law and order (internal enemies) the IRS doesn’t really care about that. Rather, it has become a part of the bureaucracy which exists to feed itself. How else does one explain the insane complexity of the tax code, if there is not buried within it any number of perverse incentives for increasing the size and scope of the IRS’ activities?

Money is power–and as long as regular citizens have too much money (in the words of a recently elected official), the government can’t stand the competition.

2 thoughts on “When the IRS Cares

  1. The modern IRS exists to determine how to separate people from their earnings…at the lowest cost in votes.

    People like taxes the same way they object to sin – in the 2nd and 3rd person only.
    First person: My taxes are terrible and my sin is not a problem.
    Second person: Your taxes are regrettably necessary and you need to do something about your sin.
    Third person: His taxes are only right and his sin needs to be severely punished.

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