Whats Wrong (or Right) with Blah for President?

I’m pretty sure I would have liked Cal. But, were he running today, he would probably not be considered “presidential.” Apparently, we’ve had too many movies with charismatic leads playing the role of the US president. Now, people would like real life to play out like the movies. Isn’t that part of the reason we have our current president? The person who has been called our “storybook president” by the man who would become his vice-president?

Shift camera to Romney. He’s just not exciting the way Gingrich is:

One reason he doesn’t connect with voters is because his speeches are filled with platitudes and references to his experiences without enough of a link between those platitudes and that experience and what he proposes to do as president. I bet that if he were interviewing to be the CEO of a company, he’d come into the interview armed with more than he gives us in his speeches and debate performances. If it’s not in his personality to talk like that, perhaps one of his aides or speechwriters can sit him down and show him how to do it. He’s smart enough to be able to then go into a debate and give us more than his stump speech. He might not have Gingrich’s natural off-the-cuff skills, but he’s got to be showing us more than he did last week.

For a moment, let us leave aside whether Romney has the history and the backbone to champion old-fashioned conservative government. Do we need dazzle and quick wit and revival preaching in a president? If we are looking for that, regardless of what else does or does not come with the package, have we missed what it means to establish a chief executive, a first citizen, of our democratic republic?

Or, should we be looking for a largely unflappable, even-keel, even boring individual–like Calvin Coolidge?

2 thoughts on “Whats Wrong (or Right) with Blah for President?

  1. Part of the problem in this primary, and in previous primaries, is that conservatives/tea party sorts are looking for a messianic figure every bit as much as those leftists who swooned at Obama were.

    If we are to return to being a government of laws instead of a government of men, we must end the quest for perfect men and return to the more humble task of crafting good law.

    1. Indeed. One is reminded of the caution that we are to “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.”

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