We Don’t Need More Law Enforcement

The Captain has a few thoughts on the Forbes article regarding the TSA:

I won’t have one ounce of respect for a TSA luggage screener stopping me on the road wanting to know what’s in my car or where I am going.  If they want to legitimize their role, then get training, stop molesting children and old women, stop looking at cute figures in the body scanners, and perform their jobs like everyone else has to in America.  Or better yet, install explosive trace detection portals in airports, negating the need for groping children and old women, just like we have in nuclear power plants around the country.  Then, contract airport security out to private contractors.

Either way, simply declaring yourselves to have legitimacy doesn’t change the fact that you’re a laughingstock and nuisance.  Legitimacy comes with service and skills, not oafishness and bullying.

Why is it that (it seems) every organization, department, or program which is either begun by the Federal government or taken over by them from the states or the private sector keeps consuming more and more resources while providing less and less value?

The TSA was created in response to 9/11 and gone so far beyond its original brief that it is hardly recognizable. Why in the world are we comfortable with the direction the TSA has gone? More and more, as noted in the linked articles, it is acting like a national police force, while it has neither the authority nor training for the same.

Experiment over.