Starting Easy?

It comes as no surprise to you or me that we’ve much that needs fixing within government (local, state and federal) — the nature of such entities being to tend toward more interference and less usefulness. With that in mind, consider the following:

Broad based skepticism toward the political class is an undeniably healthy thing, and one wishes that there had been more of it around in 2008.  Pervasive cynicism, though, is something else and we may be pretty close to that today with polls showing something like a 10 percent approval rating for Congress.  This, at a time when the national debate seems to be turning, at last, to the problems of entitlements and deficits, the scale of which would be daunting even if voters felt confident about the ability of the political class to solve them.

Voters could be forgiven for doubting that.  After all, how can we expect a solution to the big problems when the track record on the small ones is so dismal? Consider the matter of corn-based ethanol.

And then the author goes on to consider the matter of corn-based ethanol and how we’ve had folks from all over the political spectrum look at those endeavors and find them lacking. Nevertheless, our politicians as a whole keep backing the policies that keep artificially maintaining the industry to the detriment of many outside that industry. (Do go read it all, it’s a good, short piece which is rich with material).

Truly, if we can’t handle something as straightforward as the issue of corn-based ethanol, what hope have we for addressing complex matters such as immigration, health care and the like?