South Dakota Constitutional Amendment P: Balanced Budget

Full text of the amendment is as follows:

Title: An Amendment to the South Dakota Constitution adding balanced budget requirements.

Explanation: While the constitution currently restricts the State from incurring debt, it does not expressly require the State to have a balanced budget. Amendment P requires the Governor to propose a balanced budget. In addition, Amendment P prohibits legislative appropriations from exceeding anticipated revenues and existing available funds. The amendment is not intended to affect other constitutional provisions.

Yes” will include balanced budget requirements in the Constitution.
No” will leave the Constitution as it is.

That we must even consider putting this in the constitution is, on its face, ludicrous (or would have been to an earlier generation which eschewed ruinous public debt). Introducing this now would seem to be a reaction to the out-of-control spending which may be seen in other states and the federal government. Nonetheless, this amendment will do no harm, and may even help us to avoid future pitfalls should the leaders of the future not be so constrained in their spending as our current ones.

Constant Conservative recommends a “Yes” vote on Amendment P.