Presidentially Unfocused

At a recent appearance, President Obama said the following:

I don’t want a government that’s wasting money. It’s gotta be lean, it’s gotta be mean, and it’s gotta make sure that its focused on the people who are needing a ladder up.

So much in so little. Here goes.

  1. “I don’t want a government that’s wasting money.” Uh, excuse me? If you didn’t want exactly such a thing, then why have you championed policy after policy which results in the most inefficient administration to ever answer to a president? Unless by “wasting money” you mean spending money on security for embassies based in countries that hate us publicly and privately or spending money on our military.
  2. Lean and mean, eh? So our government will be a fighting machine? See 1.
  3. “focused on the people who are needing a ladder up.” No, no and no. Did I mention “No”? Our federal government is to be, by law, focused on defense against those external enemies who seek to destroy us (see 1) and enforcement of laws against those who would seek to break down our society from within with criminal acts which would include such things as blatant disregard for peoples’ rights to their persons and properties. If our government is focused on those needing a ladder up, then we are ignoring all the people who built the ladders. We as individuals and non-governmental groups (such as churches) have a responsibility to help those who need a hand up. Not the government.