Part of the 37 Percent

As I’ve touched on previously, college may not be a good choice (from a cost-benefit analysis). But, if we were to leave that aside, we may also find that college is simply not very welcoming to a certain group of students:

The latest data show a nationwide rate of 37% [of college students are men]. It is an all-time low for male enrollments in tertiary education. Parity was reached in 1980, when there were for the first time as many women as men attending college or university in the Unites States. Many schools had gone co-ed in the 1970s to accommodate the increased women applicants and this was great news for all. A longtime imbalance had been redressed. However, during the last ten years, the 50% male enrollments have declined to the current rate. Projections (if this trend were to continue) indicate that the last male to be awarded an undergraduate degree would be given it in the year 2037. That is certainly not going happen, but that is the projection based on the rate of decline over time as plotted statistically.

The major reason young males are not matriculating is a campus atmosphere that is unwelcoming.

Most men are not masochists and have no desire to go where they are not wanted. One wonders what an entire generation of college-educated women will do when a goodly number of them cannot find college-educated men to marry (yes, I know, my patriarchal roots are showing).

Universities are artificial societies. As such, poor ideas often get funded by those who wish things worked a certain way–despite evidence to the contrary. Most of the unfortunate and downright evil “isms” of the 20th century are being kept on life support at universities across the nation.

I’m not a supporter of euthanasia, but I believe there is space here for a few exceptions.