2 thoughts on “Obamacare is Upheld by Supremes

  1. Why wait or God to help us all? As Tom Joad said, prayer never brought in no side-meat. And, added Jim Casy, Almight God never raised no wages. PPACA gets the job done, helping people afford health care and giving them back liberty than a faltering, discriminatory private insurance system takes away.

    1. CAH,

      Think you meant “for God to help us all.” No one said we were waiting. And prayer has indeed brought side-meat in times of need and increase in wages.

      No, the desire for God to help us came out of the realization that we’ve really messed things up and we will need the help of God to make it through this mess. God’s help often comes as wisdom rather than deus ex machina type of help.

      To say that PPACA supports liberty is to confuse it with license. It is no liberty for you to be charged for my benefit.
      You and I and everyone else discriminate every day. It’s called making choices.

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