Not Just the Post Office

If you don’t keep up with Thomas Sowell’s writing, you probably ought to. From a recent article on the US Post Office and Kodak, he closes with this:

A society in which some people make decisions, and other people are forced to pay the costs created by those decisions, is a society where a lot of decisions can be made despite their costs being greater than their benefits.

That is why the post office should have to face competition in the market, instead of lobbying politicians for government help. We cannot preserve everything that was once useful.

Two thoughts. 1. We are most assuredly the society described in that first paragraph. 2. Conservatives do not simply believe that we should keep things (everything) the way it was.

I understand that wolves used to roam the land where I reside. I’m fine with them being in the past tense. They were once useful within the ecosystem which existed before humans built towns and railroads all over the prairie. Now? They would provide large moving targets–but that is about the limit of their usefulness.

Some things are worth conserving–and some things are not. Wisdom is knowing the difference.