Moving On

Yes, I am disappointed. Yes, I was surprised by the outcome. No, I didn’t realize that so many were apparently still in love with the dream that was Barack Obama. No, I don’t know why millions of people chose not to vote for a president at all–though I can guess some of the possible reasons. And finally, no, it’s not the end of the world–that’s next week. (That last line is what my wife and I share with the children when they can’t think past the immediate situation in which they find themselves. Seems to work for me right now, too.)

The President was right 4 years ago when he said that we would remember this as the time when the rise of the oceans would slow. The rise not only slowed, but it was reversed to the point where there is now a land-bridge between the US of A and Europe. In fact, we have joined Europe. What Europe is we will become, should we continue in the course which has been set for us by this President and his administration.

Is the grand play that was the United States over? Not yet, though it feels as though we have moved into Act III. Those of us who love this country far too much to give up now have our work cut out for us, not the least of which is understanding that the fundamentals have changed.We may well have passed the tipping point where a majority cannot see past their own selfish and short term desires far enough to understand that a government which is big enough to give you everything is also powerful enough to deny you anything.