Life Keeps Happening

As I noted a couple of weeks ago, my son unilaterally changed his bone structure. Unfortunately, at the check-up today, the surgeon determined that the bone had shifted out of the setting and would have to be re-set. As a result, my son has had more surgeries in 2 weeks than his father has had in a lifetime. As a side note, let me just say that keeping a 4-year-old relatively immobile is not a challenge for the faint of heart.

He’s (as of this writing) in recovery and will be enjoying yet another night with many of his closest friends–the nurses–while my wife ensures that he’s got something beside himself as a comforting point of reference.

I am thankful for a medical system where my son can be scheduled for surgery on the very same day the issue came to the surgeon’s attention. I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t have seen such immediacy of response in that many other places around the world.


2 thoughts on “Life Keeps Happening

  1. I’m sorry to hear your son’s in such tough shape. Rotten way to spend a summer.

    Wait times: mixed bag. This source — — finds only 8% of U.S. patients having to wait four months or more for non-emergency or elective surgery, compared with 33% in Canada, 41% in the U.K., and just 6% in Germany. But your son’s surgery doesn’t sound elective to me. Canada and the U.S. report the highest percentage of folks having to wait six days or more to get an appointment to see a doctor.

    1. Thank you.

      Wait times are a mixed bag, but by and large we don’t have to wait as long as others, as you noted. No, the surgery wasn’t elective, but neither was it emergency. It could have waited a few more days, but it would have delayed the eventual healing process.

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