Hammering Home the Facts

A while ago, I opined on the need to regulate baseball bats, chains and other miscellanea which have been used to perpetuate crimes against persons. Now, I am glad to report, my cry is being picked by others who see the evil which lurks in the hearts of tools everywhere:

Given the easy availability of hammers – I can go to Home Depot, Lowes, or even Walmart and purchase a hammer with no background check whatsoever – I am calling for the increased regulation of carpentry tools.  Given the outrage of hammers and the fact that anyone can purchase them just about anywhere, what reasonable person could oppose such a thing?  And finally, studying these cases of beatings with hammers actually made me sick to my stomach.  I want to know how everyone feels about all of these senseless acts of violence perpetrated with the weapon to which we commonly refer as hammer?  How does it make you truly feel?

Excellent questions, all.