Fuel Leakage

From the politically progressive nirvana known as California:

Despite a concerted effort at Los Angeles City Hall to track the use of taxpayer-purchased fuel, more than $7 million in gasoline and other fuel has gone missing in recent years, according to an audit to be released Thursday.

At dozens of city fueling sites, millions of gallons of fuel was pumped without any record of where it went, the audit showed. City Controller Wendy Greuel, whose office conducted the investigations, said some of the unaccounted-for gasoline may have been used for personal vehicles.

You don’t say. Some of it might have gone for personal vehicles.

At 22 Los Angeles Police Department fueling sites, an override button meant for emergencies was used to pump $3.9 million in gas.

Of course. We can’t be letting these emergencies go to waste, now, can we?

The audit found other problems as well, including 94,000 suspicious transactions in which the odometer reading input at the time of fueling was lower than it had been during the previous fueling. Irregularities like those should trigger reviews, Greuel said.

Of course the odometer readings are lower–that’s what happens when one keeps going backwards into progressive oblivion. Tell me again why we all wish to be like California.