For Those Who Would Vote for President those Candidates Who Won’t be President

Bill Whittle lays out the case: In a few days, we are either going to re-elect Barack Obama or elect Mitt Romney to be the next President of the United States. So, which one will it be?

Will your third-party vote advance your principles? Or won’t it? Don’t stand by idly and watch your neighbors get mugged.

3 thoughts on “For Those Who Would Vote for President those Candidates Who Won’t be President

  1. In my opinion these type of video ads, as well as written articles that profer to influence a person to put the so-called good of the whole is above ones conscious under the authority of God and His rules for governance is as immoral as all the lying deceitful ads put out by the politicians. Is this not the exact same immoral position put forth by the opposition?

    God already knows the winner which I believe was revealed when a certain party proclained “they built” this thereby usurping the Almightly Authority of the One who gives and takes away.

    Regardless, I will vote for Romney tomorrow. Not because he is a good business man but because he has displayed biblical moral character when ascending to positions of public servant. So with that said, I will NOT be voting for mileage increases for SD public servants.

    It’s time to get back to the basics that were put in place when this nation and state were founded. A public servant is just that, a publican who serves of his/her free will and of his/her time and money without expectation of a paycheck for said public service.

    1. Linda,

      As a conservative, I am a member of a community of people who are based in reality. Reality says that we have two options for the next president. This video makes that clear. Are we to sacrifice the good because we can’t have the best (whatever that might be)? That is poor stewardship.

      Yes, God already knows the winner.

      Whatever your reasons, I am thankful for your vote for Romney.

  2. Voting done! It was a short 25 min wait which seemed to go rather quickly.

    I also a conservative am very well grounded in reality. I live it every day. With just having done and sent in our 3rd qtr fuel tax, reality is something that never eludes one who now stuggles just to keep the 18 wheels turning for another week because the orders for fresh produce have slowed due to the high price of produce and the smaller amount left over for those who are still blessed to have a job.

    And now we have big brother breathing down our necks threatening to make us put govt mandated GPS systems in our equipment so they can track our every move so they can shut us down when they see fit to in order to accomadate big brother trucking companies (political progressive’s patsies) who wish to have control of the entire freight market.


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