Florida: All is Not Lost

Gingrich took a beating in the Sunshine State. Of that fact, there is no disputing. Does this mean that Romney is cruising to the nomination? Well, no. We still have Paul and Santorum hanging on out in the forum.

Here’s the thing, though. Let us say that we are not able to nominate and then elect the most brilliant conservative politician (and no, I’m not saying that Gingrich is this) to the Presidency since the days of George Washington. Does that mean that we are done, finished, washed up on the shores of history?


Then again, if we conservatives would stop acting as though we have succumbed to the belief in the imperial presidency of the United States, we would understand that other options are before us. After all, do we not still have three co-equal branches of government? Do not the House and Senate act as a counterbalance to the excesses of the Executive and Judicial branches? Well, they have in the past–and may also in the future–should our representatives and senators remember their Constitutionally-mandated roles.

We are, almost to a person, stirred in our very souls when we hear of a soldier or airman or marine who sacrifices his health or his life to protect his buddies or innocent civilians who are caught up in the grinder of war.

The risks for a senator or representative are not usually so dire, yet we–and they–would be well-served were they to understand that now is the time for them to put their own wants, wishes, desires and comforts to the side and regain the mindset which was necessary for those who were bedside at this nation’s birth, who mutually pledged to each otherĀ  “our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

If we and those we elect have grown so complacent, so selfish, that we cannot cannot bestir ourselves to protect that which millions have died in service to, then we will get exactly what we deserve.