Feinstein’s Doing Just Fine, She Thinks

One highly-protected semi-celebrity from the fast-fading state of California is finally going to stop the madness. How? With a spear and magic helmet a variation of what was implemented back in 1994.

Supporting this move is the understanding that what doesn’t work in Chicago or DC (or other areas with local gun bans) will somehow work when applied nationally. Yes, I am struggling to understand the logic behind that. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be based on logic.

I do not know Senator Feinstein. I have never met her–and find it probable that I never shall. With that said, I think it likely that she is a true believer. She believes that making certain types of guns illegal to possess or transfer will make a difference this time, despite a complete paucity of evidence that such a move made a difference nearly 20 years ago. But true believers don’t need evidence. No, all they need is the understanding that they are right and all others are wrong, data be damned. Humans are not the problem, in her view, things are. If we can just keep people away from things–particularly evil snooty things–everyone will be all right.

As Herschel Smith notes:

But then again, this isn’t really about sporting purposes, or safety, or public concerns, is it?  It’s about government control, as such progressive laws always are.

Instead of understanding, as the founding fathers did, that all of humankind is intrinsically flawed, Senator Feinstein and her co-religionists believe that they have evolved to the point where they can see clearly to remove the AR-15s we have lodged in our collective eye. They are mature, clear-thinking adults. We, on the other hand, are the children–not bad (well, except for vocal supporters of the 2nd Amendment) just unable to function safely by ourselves. At least, that’s the fairy tale they insist on repeating to all who will listen.

It’s time to stop listening.