Emergency Break

If we are never to let an emergency go to waste, what should we then be doing when we have no emergency to hand?

Well, I suppose one approach would be to have a emergency or two (or something approaching one) which can be saved until needed.

It is hard to know if the current administration in DC actively plans to move from one emergency to the next, or if it is simply a mark of incompetence. In any event–for those of us who are concerned about what is going on in the world, particularly with respect to the amount of respect which the US is losing from Pyongyang, to Moscow, to Benghazi–we can spend far too much time sorting through information and heading down unprofitable rabbit trails.

I wonder if it would be possible, or perhaps even essential, to pick a single topic or area of public policy and stay on that topic? What if 50 or 100 sites such as this one were to do that? Would such an approach help or hurt? I’ve more questions than answers at the moment, but your constructive comments will not go unread.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Break

  1. While I agree it would be helpful to get answers and solutions to the topic chosen, I shudder to think what directions the current administration might take on the other items we’re not paying attention to. It seems there are too many bad decisions being made to ignore any of them. But I agree – sometimes the effort can be spread thin across so many fronts. Though I think that’s not by accident.

    1. I understand what you are saying about the many different areas which we must watch, but I confess to feeling as though I am little more than a juggler, spending insufficient time and effort on a single topic to make more than a negligible impact on my readers.

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