Dishonorable Disclosure

What if the government was sharing intelligence to the direct detriment of our armed forces and those of our allies? What if we give our enemies an inside perspective on our operational security? What does it mean when politics trump national security and assets in the field are compromised or killed?

Please watch and learn:

The people who gather intelligence and execute military operations put their lives on the line to help keep us safe. Let’s treat them with the respect they deserve. Let’s elect politicians who treat them with the respect they deserve.

2 thoughts on “Dishonorable Disclosure

  1. To those who don’t understand military operations, especially SOF, these disclosures seem minor – “What? You think they don’t know we got helos?” are the kinds of questions you get.

    OPSEC violations get people killed. Details like this can be revealing – it’s called “data mining” – and then the enemy can adjust and ambush our guys in the process. They then get the initiative, get to choose the ground and the timing, when to strike, when to pull out, and so on.

    I was anal about it when I was in – I got several of my Marines p*ss*d off at me because I got the internet cafe our BN used shut down a couple times when too many of them were telegraphing our intentions. I didn’t care. I did not want to have to visit with their loved ones at a memorial service (or one of the other Marines) and try to find a way to say the truth without saying “Your son was killed because LCPL Stupid couldn’t stop himself from e-mailing his girlfriend about the mission.” Guys I served with are at greatly increased risk because of stupid people in the White House who want to seem cool and tough, and that includes the current President.

    They should’ve waited at least a week with the bin Laden announcement, and then it should only have been “US Forces stormed a compound in Pakistan, found bin Laden, and killed him. The body was taken to an undisclosed location for positive identification, then transferred to U.S. Navy ships at sea where, under the supervision of a Muslim chaplain, it was committed to the deep.” That’s all that EVER should have been said officially. Let ’em guess at the rest.

    1. Indeed. Less is more when it comes to revealing just how it is that we are fighting a war. ROE makes it difficult enough as it is without further crippling ourselves by talking about things which no one outside of the mission needs to know.

      I pray that efforts such as this video will bring the truth of this out to more people who are unfamiliar with how important maintaining OPSEC can be to those who wish to come back alive to family and friends.

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