Detroit in Pain

A man in Detroit was killed after arguing with a store clerk over the price of some personal protection he had purchased. That’s what gets the sensational headline, but this part hits even harder:

In another recent incident at a gas station, an 86-year-old World War II veteran was assaulted and his car was stolen in broad daylight. After several people passed by him as he crawled, unable to walk because his leg was broken in the attack, the man tried to pay a stranger to drive him home. The good Samaritan man drove him for free, and called an ambulance. Days later, a 21-year-old suspect was arrested. Charges are pending.

Where is the basic humanity that helps people who are in obvious and immediate need? I realize that this sort of thing could happen anywhere, but it is the exception, right?

So, what are the authorities doing about all of this?

Detroit Councilman Kwame Kenyatta is drafting an ordinance that would require gas station owners to hire security guards to protect the public.

“And as we watch this man was beaten on camera and crawled into the station, never once did I see the proprietor, as well as the people who were going to that gas station, help that individual. We are saying secure your facility, safeguard us as a community,” said Kenyatta.

Right. More security (aka, private police) is going to address the issue. Of course, that would have the side affect of increasing the price of everything to pay for the guard’s salary. And, these costs are passed on to all the customers.

Regardless of the expense, hiring security guards is only addressing the symptom–and not the underlying problem.

2 thoughts on “Detroit in Pain

  1. Require gas stations to hire security??? The gas station already pays for security – it’s called the Detroit Metropolitan Police Department.

    How about the councilwoman getting the cops to do their job?

    It’s bass-ackwards on so many levels.

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