Cheating Like a Sailor

In this modern age, where we veer ever further from a common understanding of mores and proper societal behavior, it is good to see that adultery is still considered wrong by at least one branch of our nation’s military:

A [married] Navy officer who was dismissed last month as commander of a Connecticut-based nuclear submarine faked his own death to end an affair he was carrying on with a mistress, investigation documents show.


“Commander Ward’s dishonesty and deception in developing, maintaining, and attempting to end his inappropriate relationship … were egregious and are not consistent with our Navy’s expectations of a commissioned officer,” wrote Navy Capt. Vernon Parks, commander of a submarine development squadron.

Ward was found guilty of Uniform Code of Military Justice violations on Sept. 5, including dereliction of duty, unbecoming conduct and adultery, and received the punitive letter of reprimand, Cragg said.

Kudos to the Navy for recognizing that people who are unfaithful in marriage should not be sub commanders.