Catching Up

The Christmas holidays have taken a bit of wind out of my writing sails. Between having two deer nearly run me over and painting a couple of rooms in the house, all while attempting to work though some computer issues, I’ve not been keeping the virtual ink wet.

As a result, this will be a quick run-through of a few items which caught my eye but didn’t get the full treatment.

Remember Philadelphia? That’s the city where the school superintendent got an almost $1 million severance package only to turn around and put in for unemployment. Now, we have a member of the city council who retired, became eligible for a pension which is worth almost $.5 million, and was rehired to the same job the next day. No, not illegal–but probably not the type of public servant behavior which William Penn envisioned for his city.

The big ethanol subsidies died a quiet death over the holidays. Surprisingly, no one in Iowa seemed too concerned about this for the caucuses. Dare I think that people have, in most cases, quietly come to understand that subsidizing ethanol is bad all the way around?

And finally, a few words from Governor Walker of Wisconsin.