Carrying Concealed without Permits

South Dakota is poised to join a select club: states which permit legal residents of a certain age and lack of criminality to carry concealed handguns without a government-issue permit to do the same. The relevant bill has (as noted by South Dakota War College) made its way through the legislature and now awaits the governor’s signature.

Here’s the bill (HB 1248), for those of you who have not seen it:

ENTITLED, An Act to provide for exceptions from certain misdemeanor offenses relating to possession of handguns.
Section 1. The provisions of §§ 22-14-9, 22-14-9.1, 22-14-9.2 and 22-14-10 do not apply to any person, eighteen years of age or over with a valid South Dakota driver license, who is otherwise eligible to be issued a permit to carry a concealed pistol pursuant to chapter 23-7.

Relatively straightforward (after one parses the references to existing law). I think the bill makes sense–seeing that it buttresses the understanding that the right to protect one’s person is a component of natural law. As such, then, this right which is established in natural law is not conferred by the state, but rather acknowledged by the state.

Mr. McDaniel (though not of South Dakota see the comments) has written a goodly list of reasons he keeps a personal protective devices with him at all times. I find myself concurring on most of his reasons. Should HB 1248 become law, more South Dakota citizens will be able to avail themselves of similar protection for the reasons given in linked list and such other reasons as pertain to their particular situations.

Kudos to the large majorities in both houses of the legislature who have brought HB 1248 to this point.

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