California: The Future is Now, If We Cannot Learn

California has been a place to dream about since the golden age of movies. Now, however, the dream has changed and we are presented with a view of our dystopian future–if we cannot learn from California’s mistakes:

With all of this unfunded government spending, Keynesian-Democratic thinking would predict that California’s economy should be booming.

It isn’t.

At 10.8 percent, California has the third-highest unemployment rate in the country. There are fewer private-sector jobs in the state today, 11.9 million, then there were in 2000, 12.2 million.

And thanks to liberal welfare requirements, a third of all the nation’s welfare recipients live in California despite the state only containing one-eighth of the national population.

Think it through. Do we really want the rest of the country to look like California? If we do not make some substantive changes to this country’s leadership in November, then we will continue heading that direction apace.