Bold as Brass

President Obama may claim time and again that he’s a supporter of the Second Amendment, but his actions belie his words. Outside of those actions, his regular references to “common sense” regulations tells us just about everything we need to know. And then there is saying that we as a country need to do “whatever it takes” to stop gun violence.

Mr. President, let us stamp out evil in the hearts of humanity and violence perpetuated with the use of guns as tools will stop. That’s where the violence is–not the chamber of a 9mm pistol.

But, back to his actions. Let’s consider parts of the budget which the President proposed:

President Obama is using his budget to advance an anti-gun agenda just before the election. One particularly sneaky provision buried deep within his submission to Congress Monday would, if enacted, allow the mistakes of the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal to be repeated.

The article goes on to note that there is an amendment which was approved by 99 senators which would prohibit the Justice Department from walking any guns. Now, the president has said that we don’t need the proscription and can just trust the good folks in government to not do bad things any more.

(Please see my earlier note about stopping the source of violence.)

Recently, I came across a number of rounds of 30-06 ammo still in their M1 clips. Seeing that I do not possess an M1, I’ll probably need to procure one. With that in mind, I was very disappointed to see yet another way in which the President’s budget would curtail the freedoms of those such as myself who legally enjoy old shootin’ iron:

The White House is looking to reclaim authority to destroy surplus M1 Garand rifles and M1 Carbines. For 30 years, the Defense Department has been blocked from scrapping these collectible firearms that served our soldiers well in World War II and the Korean War. The administration also wants to melt down the military’s spent brass casings, thwarting gun owners who have been buying and recycling the surplus materials.

With his many recent decisions to do what he will despite laws to the contrary, it should come as no surprise that President Obama sees the Constitution as an impediment to his re-imagining of our political and cultural landscape.

Leaving aside the horrible financial results of implementing the budget, we find no reason at all to love that which would further undermine the freedoms which we may still enjoy.