And the Prescription Is . . . .

We’ve a very sick society, if one can go by the absolute foolishness which passes as news (reported by everyone from Piers Morgan to David Gregory and Geraldo Rivera). Making it even worse, these people think they are in a  special class, as noted by Jonah Goldberg:

Culturally, one of the things lots of Americans detest about the elite journalistic culture is the idea that reporters are above the law. Usually, this self-regard manifests itself in debates over revealing sources. Many journalists honestly believe they have special rights and privileges not enjoyed by all Americans. As a matter of law and logic, that’s not the case (which is why some journalists want to see the licensing of journalists). We all have the right to commit journalism.

So, go to Facebook and Twitter and email. Commit some journalism before it’s a felony. After all, once the Second Amendment goes, the First cannot be far behind.