Affordable Does Not Equal Valuable

One line from the President’s attempt to recover yesterday grabbed my attention:

This week, I spent some time talking with college students about how we can make higher education more affordable.

On the surface, this would seem to be a good thing, no? After all, we would all like things to be more affordable.

Not so fast. This statement assumes a very big thing–that higher education is intrinsically valuable and that the problem lies in getting the means to pay for that value.

Here’s the rub. More and more data is coming out which shows that higher education, particularly when procured at a cost which is increasing at 4 times the base rate of inflation, is far from uniformly valuable. One only has to read a few interview transcripts with erstwhile Occupiers to see how un-valuable many of their college degrees were/are.

More broadly speaking, we conservatives need to be addressing the underlying logic in the President’s statements, and the statements of those who support his worldview and not attempting to play a game which has been rigged by invalid, misguided, and flat out wrong assumptions.