1200 More Reasons to Change Our Direction

It would appear that our illustrious leader is not the only one in our current administration who thinks very highly of himself (or herself):

The General Services Administration’s Julia Hudson was ready to party last month, inviting roughly 1,200 federal employees to celebrate the second anniversary of her appointment as the scandal-scarred agency’s National Capital Region administrator.

If one reads the whole story, several things stand out.

  • This was a party to celebrate someone’s getting put in charge–not a 40 year retirement or something noteworthy.
  • This is the second year she’s done this. Last year the party took place.
  • The event was to take 2 hours over lunch on a workday.
  • If 1200 people would take 1 hour out of a productive workday, that translates to more than a half-year of time wasted.
  • This person is currently responsible for overseeing 96 million square feet of federal real estate.
  • There will be no real punishment for this poor stewardship in pursuit of self-love.
  • We are not in the best of hands.

Thankfully, someone with a bit more sense (or at least, the understanding that this would not play well for the administration) put a stop to this in time.