Wisconsin: The Teachers are Revolting

I do realize that more is going on in the country, but I confess being amazed (among other emotions) with the events unfolding in Wisconsin. Quite a number of teachers were out “sick” for the second day to protest their inability to get everything they want at the same time the state is drowning in public debt.

Ms. Althouse has a number of good (and not-so-good) pictures and the context:

I asked the woman if she thought Scott Walker was like Hitler, and she said “Yes.” So I said, “Are you saying that you think fascism could come to America,” and she said, “It’s what’s happening.”

Apparently, fascism = telling people that the gravy train has stopped (and not at the station).

At the same time, a number of elected officials (namely, Democrat members of the Wisconsin Senate) were themselves “sick” and decided to not show up:

Fourteen Wisconsin Senate Democrats did not show up to a floor session at the State Capitol building in Madison, Wis. on Thursday in protest of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s budget bill, which continues to receive massive opposition.

The bill requires at least twenty of the 33 house members be present in order to pass. The Democrats’ failure to show halted a vote on the bill, as the 19 present Republicans were not enough to pass the bill.

First, we have thousands of teachers acting like spoiled children. Now we have fourteen illustrious members of the Senate also acting like children.

Is it not apparent that these people could themselves be examples of a failed educational system?

Finally, our President, has decided he does not like what Governor Walker is doing, calling it an “assault on unions.”

Do you know something Mr. President? If the unions are preventing (or attempting to prevent) a lawfully elected governor and legislature from keeping Wisconsin from going belly up financially, then perhaps the unions are overdue for a bit of an assault. Their behavior over the last few days has been most unseemly and yes, I’ll say it again, childish.


There is an explanation for all of this. John of PowerLine states it thus:

What the Democrats don’t like isn’t dictatorship, it is democracy. That is why the Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate fled the state en masse–they prevented a quorum, so that a vote they were going to lose couldn’t take place. Once again, it is democracy they are trying to frustrate, not dictatorship.

Well said. That, my friends, is speaking truth to power.

5 thoughts on “Wisconsin: The Teachers are Revolting

  1. The problem is that most people don’t realize the powers behind this revolting display of “democracy.” My two closest relatives once again think I am against teachers because I don’t agree with this protest, and that is completely wrong. But….if they only look at headlines, along with most other people, they will believe that the teachers are being put upon and that the state can magically come up with the needed money for their union gotten benefits. Maybe if the state goes under and all the benefits go away, they will understand, but it will be too late.

    1. JM,

      I find that many people do not go past the “Awww, think of the children” part of context. I also am not against teachers as a group, but if they or any other group engage in in flights of foolish fancy (as you hit on with your “magically come up with money” statement) then they should be disabused of their foolishness as simply and quickly as possible.

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