Wisconsin Recall: Republicans Guarding Bases (UPDATED)

Today is the first of two recall elections in Wisconsin. On the ticket today are the races for 6 Republican incumbents. Next week, IIRC, it will be 3 Democrat incumbents.

Live results are available from the AP.

Bottom line? Democrats need to pick up 3 of these seats to take back control of the state senate. At present, two seats seem safe, two are leaning Democrat and the other two are a toss up.

Given the remarkable job that Governor Walker has done with the state’s finances, I wonder how many Democrats might be thinking that things are quite a bit better than they looked a few months ago? Of course, that supposes that facts will win the day.

We should know soon whether the state’s experiment is fiscal sanity is over.


It would appear the Republicans hold on by 1 seat, retaining 4 of the 6 and losing the other two seats at 52% and 58%.