Wisconsin Goes Conservative?

The data says that the not-so conservative person just won the supreme court election by 204 votes out of 1.47 million. That is a very narrow margin. Little doubt there will be a recount, examination of possible voter fraud, a massive influx of election lawyers, etc.

Despite that, we have reason to hope:

So Kloppenburg’s election is unfortunate, but I don’t see any reason to think it will have any effect on the Republicans’ labor legislation. It is also of doubtful symbolic value. I had expected her to win in a landslide, given the enormous resources that the Left poured into what would normally be a low-turnout election, and given the hysteria and strong financial interest that motivate union voters. Under the circumstances, the fact that the Left could do no better than a tie bodes reasonably well for the upcoming recall actions, where the real action will be.