Winds of Change

From the Argus Leader:

South Dakota’s wind power market right now seems to be in the doldrums.

Developers point to the usual culprit – a longstanding lack of adequate transmission – but also to a prolonged slump in electricity demand, sluggish growth in the broader economy and rock-bottom prices for natural gas, which competes with wind.

Right. Cheap natural gas is making it hard for wind. Lack of infrastructure is the big issue. The economy means fewer people are building stuff that uses electricity.

Nowhere does the article even appear to hint at the fact that wind power using current technology cannot compete without government subsidies. The only time it comes close to this is noting that BHP is not going to build a wind farm that was previously planned.

Perhaps the wind power market is not in the doldrums so much as it is out of fuel–and that is an issue that will not go away with a change in the weather.