Why Our Second Amendment is Critical

The right to protect oneself and one’s property is so fundamental that many of us do not even consider what its absence might mean. Professor Joyce Lee Malcom, writing for PowerLine, gives us a shocking view of what happens when that right is overruled:

On June 23 around midnight a masked gang broke down the back door of a home in Salford, in northwestern England. The householder, 59, his son and the son’s girl friend called the police and tried to defend the home and themselves. They managed to stab one of the gang who died of his wounds. When the police arrived they arrested the householder, his son and the son’s girlfriend on suspicion of attempted murder.

On July 11, a headline in The Sun read “Shopkeeper, 72, nicked after `stabbing to death robber.’” Mr. Coley’s Manchester flower shop was closed and he was playing dominoes with a friend when two masked men armed with guns broke in. In the struggle that followed, Mr. Coley’s friend was injured but Coley managed to stab one robber, who later died, while the other fled wounded. The Manchester police are holding Mr. Coley for attempted murder.

Since at least 1953 the English government has insisted that citizens depend on the police for protection and not try to protect themselves. The Prevention of Crime Act of 1953 prohibited anyone carrying an article in a public place with the idea it could be used for protection if they were attacked. If discovered they are charged with carrying an offensive weapon.

Attempted murder charges for defending against a gang of masked intruders. Attempted murder charges for defending against masked intruders with guns. Charges for anyone carrying an offensive weapon.

Does this seem right to you? If it does, please move to the UK immediately. If not, please understand that our much abused Second Amendment, buttressed by many states’ Castle Doctrine laws, is what makes us so different from our English cousins.

Go read the entire article, if you wish to further appreciate what we have here in the United States.