Why Johnny Can’t Get More Money to Learn How to Read

Because the South Dakota Supreme Court hates children:

Since 2006, South Dakota schools have been battling to prove that the way the state funds public schools is unconstitutional. Today, the Supreme Court rejected the school district’s arguments that the funding system failed to provide students with adequate and quality education.

The quoted article does not say so, but I believe the court’s decision was unanimous. While there is always a possibility that the decision will be appealed, it would seem that such an appeal is unlikely to succeed.

This lack of probable success would seem to be why those in favor of more government taxpayer funding for the schools are hoping to avoid the courts altogether:

Petition gathering should begin soon for a ballot measure initiative that would boost state funding for K-12 education and Medicaid providers by permanently raising the sales tax from 4 percent to 5 percent.

As I understand it, 1/2 of the increase in tax revenue would go to each of the above. If I were cynical, I would mention the unusual coupling of funding for these two rather disparate constituencies and talk about how the people backing the measure realized that neither of these would work on their own.

Thankfully, I’m not cynical.