Who is Nutty?

Via Confederate Yankee comes a reference to this joyous soul:

Many times I’ve riffed on a dark, delicious fantasy about rounding up Tea Bagger types and sentencing them to green re-education camps for minimum one-year terms. Not to punish per se but to expose these contemptible morons to facts, to truth, to the way things really are and how they’re being played by the rich, and the fact that Boomers have taken almost everything and that diminished lifestyles and economic security are being bequeathed to Genx and GenY for decades to come, and that the best is definitely over.

And then he says:

A second Civil War would be an incredibly destructive thing, but it would feel so good.

We are still feeling the affects of the first not-so-civil war almost 150 years later. No matter who started a second one for whatever reason, it would feel anything but good. It would be awful and horrible–made more so because it would be a war between families, between friends, between neighbors, a war that would have no winners because this time we would be very likely to destroy the very thing over which we would fight.

It is hard to know if if the author of the original article is over-the-topping because that is who he is or because that is who he wishes he were.

I found the following comment on the article to be a useful perspective  (language warning):

I spent 50+ years in the pews listening to black men blame white men for their misfortune. Ain’t no mirrors in church.

All the old people in my neighborhood bitch when their checks are late. Most of them never worked an honest day in their lives.

Every year, I hear more people blame somebody else, more people bitch that the government isn’t fixing their problems, or it’s the white man’s fault, or how some rich people they never met owes them.

They bitch, yet they still take other people’s money.

I only been reading this column for a few months, but its long enough to know you one ignorant old man, Mister Wells.

It’s people like you who are the problem. You’re going to collect that check just the same, and make the rest of the world work their ass off like they owe you, even when America’s broker than shit.

You say America is disintegrating, yet you don’t look in the mirror, you just blame everybody else but yourself. The people trying to stop that, those people are evil, but you a real saint.

I voted for Obama. I was stupid, he was just as lying as all the other slick suits who go into the inner city and sell the bill of goods. “White men will pay to make this town great again, your jobs will come back, you’ll get what you deserve.” No, they won’t, they never do.

He said he was going to cut the spending, that he wasn’t going to do what the last guy did. The last guy who made it all worse, but Obama’s just making it even more worse.

But you say the Tea Party is bad for trying to stop him from doing what Obama swore he’d never do? You believe that, youre the fool who belongs in a “camp.”

When you’re out of money, you don’t spend more money. Hell, only a politician is stupid enough to believe that.

Perhaps the tide is turning and even more people will wake up to the understanding that they’ve been sold a bill of goods. To that end we can hope and work for change.