What About Middle Eastern Christians?

It is more than a little frustrating, in one regard, that Christians are to welcome persecution. Why? Because there are too many who are pleased to be able to provide it. As Jay Reding notes:

We would like to think that persecution of Christians is a phenomenon of the past: but throughout the Middle East it is a sad reality. And unless both the West and the people of the Middle East stand together against this new wave of persecution, it will only continue until these ancient communities are destroyed. But unfortunately, small communities like Egypt’s Copts or Iraq’s Assyrian Christians are almost invisible to most in the West. That is why al-Qaeda and other Islamic radical feel free to attack them: they know that it won’t make as big a splash as attacks against Western interests. But if the West stands firm and works hand-in-hand with civil society groups in the Middle East to protect religious minorities, there is still a small chance these ancient communities can be saved.

“Almost invisible to most in the West.” One wonders how much of this invisibility is due to the confused religious leanings of our culture, whose members seem to believe that any religion other than Christianity is a good thing.

Of course, the open and free society which we have historically enjoyed in the United States, and which has led to such ease of living, is antithetic to the state of things in most of the Middle East. The one exception to this, of course, is Israel. However, even there it is becoming more difficult for Christians.

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