Watertown Poll Math (Updated)

We are about 585 days away from the next US presidential election. Nonetheless, it is fun to throw out the odd poll (emphasis on the odd) to see what people are thinking. The Watertown Public Opinion did so recently on its front page. Here’s a grab of the poll:

It would be nice if the numbers matched the graph. UPDATE: The numbers do match the graph, upon looking at the detail. The confusion comes because the baseline is not 0 (but rather 170). Bottom line is that the visual story is remarkably different from the raw numbers. END UPDATE

On first glance, I wondered at the ratio. I understand that Bachmann is seen as a fire-breathing dragon by some, but something didn’t wash. I wonder how many other people didn’t even read past a quick glance at the image? (And yes, I checked it in multiple browsers to make sure it wasn’t something simple.)

Or, it is simply an April Fool’s joke? You (or somebody, please) decide.