Unemployed and Loving It?

That would seem to be a strong possibility if the recently introduced “American Jobs Act” would ever see passage:

President Obama’s American Jobs Act, which he presented to Congress on Monday, would make it illegal for employers to run advertisements saying that they will not consider unemployed workers, or to refuse to consider or hire people because they are unemployed.

The proposed language is found in a section of the bill titled “Prohibition of Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of an Individual’s Status as Unemployed.” That section would also make it illegal for employers to request that employment agencies take into account a person’s unemployed status.

It would also allow aggrieved job-seekers to seek damages if they have been discriminated against.

And how would one go about proving discrimination? I would suppose that it would done as it is in other areas. The process goes something like this: I am <special status>. I desire <something I don’t have>. I don’t get <something I don’t have>. Therefore, I must not have gotten it because I am <special status>.

But of course, we all understand that the system would not be abused in this fashion. Most certainly not. To ensure that everything is open and honest and aboveboard, these new regulations will be administered by experts in fairness and objectivity:

Enforcement of the new language would be carried out by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other entities using the same power they have under the Civil Rights Act and the Government Employee Rights Act.

And that other thing in the bill, about setting up a new fund for reimbursing workers if their hours are cut by the employers? Yeah. The government will be taking care of that–not you and me.

See? Nothing at all to worry about. Sorry for wasting your time.

2 thoughts on “Unemployed and Loving It?

  1. Be still my beating heart….

    At least this time Barry actually submitted legislation to go with the airy platitudes in his silly speech. I think that’s a first for him. Progress, of a sort.

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