Tim Johnson for Repeal of HCR

Words you probably thought you would never hear, eh?

Tim Johnson admits health care reform is needed, but he said Friday he would like to see the law passed last year replaced with a more thought-out, market-based version.

“We’ve got to address the critical issue of health care and do it constructively, but you don’t do it by essentially nationalizing our health care, kicking seniors to the back of the bus and killing jobs,” Johnson said. “So we’re going to go back, repeal that monster, and start all over again.”

Of course, context is very, very important.

2 thoughts on “Tim Johnson for Repeal of HCR

  1. Nicely done, Michael! For a second I forgot that there’s a Republican in the House also named Tim Johnson. I started to think, “Why is Sen. Johnson parroting the conservative fearmonger you hear on Fox News?” But then I saw the word “repeal” and I knew even the conservative Democrats aren’t that dumb.

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