The Lone Bulb State

Once again, Texas leads the rest of us up the path of freedom and light:

Want to keep buying traditional incandescent light bulbs and avoid the federally mandated phase-out? Consider moving to Texas.

Texans can keep buying traditional incandescent light bulbs, under a bill allowed to become law this week by Gov. Rick Perry. It was authored by State Rep. George Lavender of Texarkana.

Lavender and supporters said the bill protects individual freedom against an unwarranted expansion of government authority.

And it does. Or, in blunt terms, it protects individual freedom to choose the best bulb for the job.

Althouse is glad but thinks the law is legally suspect:

I love my incandescent bulbs, but the law is obviously preempted by federal law. The argument that the Commerce Clause doesn’t give Congress the power to ban light bulbs manufactured and sold within one state is plainly wrong under the Supreme Court case law. But I appreciate the gesture, because I want my light bulbs.

Is case law ever found to be wrong? I would say that yes, it does happen, though infrequently.

Though we have long permitted the federal government to awe and bully the state governments into conformance with a variety of laws (some in keeping with our country’s foundational principles of freedom and self-responsibility, and many others not) one can hope and work toward a time when the bullying stops.

Meanwhile, thanks to Texas for leaving the lights on for us.